They Say It’s Our Birthday! Cashbox Radio Celebrates 3 Years on the air on March 31.

Submitted by Sandy Graham

For 16 years now I have had the pleasure of owning Cashbox Canada, which came at a time where I had already put in decades in the music industry and at the time I was looking for a new challenge.

The one love I have always had is radio. My home has antique radios I have collected over the years, and many of my best memories were when I was a young Music Director in Montreal, Quebec. Back then, a Music Director was given the privilege and the power to ’break’ a record. I relied on the promo guys who would bring product to the weekly music meeting every Wednesday without fail. When I realized that radio in its current state, no longer experiencing what it was like to give a record a chance.

So I approached a colleague and a friend, Peter Astedt, and asked him to partner with me to launch Cashbox Radio. My concept was to feature the legendary artists who didn’t seem to be getting airplay anywhere and combine those songs with new indie artists. To once again, be the station that played that future hit for the first time. 

When Peter said he was in, the next chapter began in what would be a journey full of learning curves, (especially logistically for me) building a library of music filled with great memories, trying different shows and ideas and now we are here – with a great station that I am extremely proud of as we are on the air 24/7 from all around the world. We have the legends excited to do interviews with us as they remember the name Cashbox, and new indie artists who are thrilled to get a chance to get their music out there. 

We will continue to develop the station, nurture the artists and their dreams, and honour the artists from the past who created the path that we all followed in this business.

So as the Beatles sang, “they say it’s your birthday, we’re gonna have a good time” and that we will as we continue to bring back memories through classic songs and create new memories with new songs.

The station is available online at or on our FREE app at Cashbox Radio.

Come join us and experience Radio The Way It Used to Be on Cashbox Radio.