Alexis Lynn Isn’t Afraid to “Fall Apart” in New Single Release

Encapsulating a personal, edgy, and inside view of her perspective on the world, Alexis Lynn lays it bare on her latest single, “Fall Apart” – check it out on YouTube here:

Unafraid to be vulnerable, raw, or emotive on the latest release, the honeyed pop diva with a story to tell is back with a dreamy, up-tempo dance-floor bop that moves listeners in her catchy hooks, ear-worm melodies, and a message that resonates with us all.

“It’s about being everybody else’s rock, and putting their needs before your own,” the West Coast-based artist explains. “I wrote it at a point in my life where I felt like I was constantly balancing everyone else’s needs, and making sure everyone else was good — disregarding whether or not I was good.

“I was so burnt out and mentally/emotionally exhausted,” she continues. “I kept thinking, ‘when’s it my turn? To just completely crash and burn and have someone else worry about me instead of worrying about anybody else?’

“And I don’t know if that’s selfish, but I was just so tired of holding it all together.”

In true Alexis Lynn fashion, the song comes complete with a visual component. “I wanted the video to really showcase the chaos of feeling like you have a million different emotions and things going on and giving your energy to so many different people,” she explains. “I wanted it to showcase the feeling of losing your cool — and had a bunch of amazing cast come in for the party scene, and also to play some different emotions like anger, sadness, and euphoria.

“For the anger scene, the plan was to smash the TV with a baseball bat, but it literally bent the bat instead because the TV was so solid!”

Adding to the singer’s slew of pop heavy singles — including “Ghosts”, “Bubble,” “I Can’t Relate,” and more, and having racked up over a staggering Million+ streams and views — “Fall Apart” is another smash in her growing repertoire.

Par for the dynamic course, Alexis Lynn is never tepid when it comes to pulling punches on her trap-infused eclectic dance beats; conveying messages that resonate beyond music, it’s that relatability that continues to push her to a different dimension with her fans.

Unabashedly authentic, Alexis Lynn is a storyteller first, and foremost; citing Rihanna and Amy Winehouse among her influences, she finds solace in spinning yarns in her tunes — a quality she attributes to her family’s ties to Canada’s First Nations.

There is never a truth left untold; no subject too taboo, or prohibited… Nothing is off the table for this up and coming starlet with the powerhouse vox.

As the endemic looms, she has monster-sized plans for 2022. Having spent 2021 writing and recording her multifaceted exploration of mental health and its effects on our lives and relationships Lynn is looking forward to the future. Despite being unable to perform live last year, her tenacity to create music that moves and entices listeners to create their own dance hall — be it in their own living room, or walking down the street with headphones.

The beauty inside Alexis Lynn is not simply her staggeringly gorgeous singing voice, or her penchant for finding the beat that’ll move you. Her soundscapes set the stage for something bigger: something we can each go home with; something that says this person is singing.

Alexis Lynn? She gets us. She gets what we’re hurting, needing, wanting, feeling. And on this track, she lets us know it’s okay to “Fall Apart.”

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