JUNO & GRAMMY Award-Contributing Winning Producer Chin Injeti Mixes Feel Good Vibes With Old School Synths In Newest Single “YUH”

Chin Injeti’s new song “YUH” feels like warm air and blooming fields, almost as if winter is ending and a new wave of spring is preparing to unfurl itself. In other words, exactly as the JUNO and GRAMMY Award-contributing winning producer intended it to be…

Featuring Iman Wamboi for the lead vocals, “YUH” — available now — infuses Injeti’s passion for funk and boogie music into a fresh-feeling classic-in-the-making. “I was trying to elicit the feeling of springtime and endless possibilities,” Injeti shares. “Something that could usher in the feeling of seasons changing; I think we achieved this with Iman Wamboi’s voice and her overall vibe as a creator.”

Check out  Chin Injeti – YUH (feat. Iman Wamboi) [Official Video] on YouTube here:  https://youtu.be/mmlGwpE9g04

One of the things that makes “YUH” such an interesting production is its use of vintage samples with new wave-producing methods to create a time capsule that preserves everything you love about your favorite oldies while introducing new players to the music industry; the song samples a Galanti organ as well as the Casio Bossa Nova drums, both prominent figures in producer’s synth libraries during the 70’s/late 80s. “I’ve always been a huge fan of Stereo Lab & The Style Council. I wanted to make a track that was charming and reminiscent of samba with a light-hearted Casio Drum feel.”

“YUH”s potential to be a timeless hit is rooted in its natural fluid feeling. Like a spring runs down a mountain, “Yuh” trickles down through the listener’s ear and into the feet as they find the groove and passion put into Injeti’s newest single. The feel-good vibe that Injeti and Wamboi can manufacture effortlessly on their most recent collaboration is paired with relatable down-to-earth messages that will hit home for listeners across the board.

“Wish I’d never met you / Sometimes I regret it bad
But those eyes, they hit me so hard / I never had a chance”

Chin Injeti is a key player in the established music culture we all know and love. His career took off in the ’90s when he fronted for Bass is Base — a Canadian R&B group. The group went on to create hits such as “Funkmobile” — a production that went on to win a JUNO for Best R&B Record as well as a MuchMusic Video Award. Injeti was then awarded a Songwriter of the Year award by SOCAN. Landing a deal with Universal Music and Island Records was merely the beginning of this soundscaper’s career.

As Bass is Base came to an end, Injeti spent his time creating, touring, and performing all over North America with groups such as The Fugees, The Roots, Jamiroquoi, A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, and many more. Through his extensive tenure, he honed in on carving out frequencies while observing the importance of impactful lyrics and melodies.

Injeti finessed his production skills, finding himself behind a mixing board more frequently. Teaming up with DJ Khalil, Injeti went on to make music for Dr. Dre, Eminem, Drake, Pink, Aloe Blacc, The Clipse, Lecrae, K’Naan, and artists of the like. Chin Injeti received multiple JUNO Awards nominations, was namechecked as a producer on several albums winning GRAMMY Awards, finding his music slowly impacting the culture within music production as his records went Gold and Platinum.

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