Chris Cachia Channels Old-School MC Energy with Modern Hip Hop on “Abundant Bank”

Chris Cachia brings the heat as he channels old-school MC energy mixed with modern hip-hop production technique with the release of his most recent song, “Abundant Bank” – check it out on YouTube:

Chris Cachia is a Canadian music-maker and word-shaper who draws inspiration from the golden-age of hip-hop that would focus on lyricism. Often addressing social issues through his storytelling, Cachia aims to call upon the power, and pleasure, that language has when in the right hands.

Cachia jumps right into his newest LP with a boom-bap track. Fueled by the fire embedded in Cachia’s flow and wordsmithing, “Abundant Bank” goes hard. Mixing personal struggles and triumphs into the fire creates a startling yet inviting aura that can only be found crowding around a roaring bonfire.

“Who levitated the track immensely / Cash had it static test me / Microphone keep it weepin’ gently / Still intensely still this frenzy / Still this will is buildin’ hefty / Top billin’ with the villain treachery / Thrill for the fill now an earful enemy / Chuck made a laid-back melody.”

“Abundant Bank” paints a picture of doing whatever is necessary to make ends meet and depicts the outlaw and out-of-place loner who will do whatever is necessary to provide for himself and his family. To evade capture, the wanted is now on the run, placed in the ‘Prowler Position’” — a reference to Cachia’s second song on the Persona EP.

No stranger to the theory that “art is pain,” Cachia uses his music to convey an uplifting message to his growing fan base.

“Creativity can be used as means to address mental health concerns and issues of social injustice. Good art often comes from difficult places,” he says.

Overall, Cachia’s combination of humility and perseverance creates an enveloping production with the potential to strike listeners harder than a moving truck. To make the offer sweeter, he delivers empowering messages and crafty storytelling packaged in catchy productions and wordplay.

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