Toronto Pop/Hip Hop Artist Bryan Bravo Invites Audiences to “Feel Lucky” with Release of New Single

When it comes to feel good pop-music lighting up the Canadian music scene, there are few who hold a candle to the production value and energy that multi-talented artist Bryan Bravo brings to his new single, “Feel Lucky” and album, Be Mine. 

Check out “Feel Lucky” on YouTube here:

“‘Be Mine’ captivates and embraces a euphoric state of mind,” the Toronto-based artist shares. “Infatuated with the idea of love, and how deep it will go… Finding oneself at a standstill, unable to lose themselves completely, evoking the thought ‘why you gotta be inside my mind?’”

Finding a personal stake in the lyrics and their coupling with the production led the songwriter to a sentimental place during the creative process.

“When you’re caught in the recycled motions of a relationship, things are no longer what they’re made out to be,” he reveals. “Eventually you are breaking away completely and renouncing all feelings of love — and your insecurities fade, only to surrender oneself to the pursuit of love once again – ‘will you be mine?’”

It’s these vulnerable moments skillfully captured in his music that really strengthen Bryan Bravo’s standing; at seven tracks strong, Be Mine translates many ways depending on the listener’s prior relationships, fueling it’s replay ability.

Bryan Bravo’s prior experience performing live and producing music has led to the innate fine tuning he possesses in his craft, and this suave sonic specialty is what makes listening to Be Mine so exciting. An emotional hook paired expertly with competent cadence and expressive storytelling, Bravo delivers a truly worthwhile listening experience overall.

Having always held a passion for writing lyrics and creating songs, the rapper, songwriter, singer and artist eventually joined the hip hop group, Mindful MCs. He went on to perform within the greater Toronto area; features at venues like Workman Arts, CAMH, Revival, and Hot Docs Cinema eventually led to Bravo recording the song “Mentally Healthy” in 2018 and, from there, he released a series of singles and EPs.

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