Bree Whitworth Searches for the “Real Thing” in Emotionally Charged New Single 

Kelowna singer/songwriter Bree Whitworth bears her soul and beautifully articulates true romance with her emotionally charged new single, “Real Thing”.  Check it out on YouTube here:

Recorded live pre-pandemic at 12th Street Sound on Canada’s west coast, “Real Thing” resulted from music magic, and is the artist’s first release in what is set to be a massive year ahead. The song came together in collaboration with sound engineer Anthony Cenerini (Little Miss Higgins, Burnt-Project 1) and jazz bassist/producer William Chernoff. Rounding out the stellar musicianship on the track is guitarist Madeleine Elkins (Sister Jazz Orchestra, Porteau) and Ben Kelly (Early Spirit).

Capping off this talented group of artists are the ethereal sonics that flows effortlessly from Bree Whitworth’s enchanting vocals. “Real Thing” is a new take on the ‘80s/’90s pop sound with catchy guitar riffs dripping with reverb, thunderous percussion, hypnotizing synths and soaring vocal harmonies.

As Whitworth puts it, “It’s a song that takes you in a different direction.”

The subtleties embedded in the music are just as meaningful as those in the lyrics. The uplifting tone of the instrumentation seamlessly complements the raw approach Whitworth takes in telling a story about commitment. Notably, the struggles of committing to being the most genuine version of ourselves with our partner.

“What if I tell you I’m the real thing baby?
What if I show you I don’t mean maybe?
Now now now now
Why not take a chance on something different?
I promise that you’ve never had a love quite like my own
Like my own”

Bree Whitworth decided to take her creativity into her own hands as the world began changing with the pandemic; in particular, she would see the end of her relationship just as the world slipped into isolation. Today, Whitworth adds “Real Thing” to an already impressive catalogue of music that includes three albums and many other collaborative musical contributions.

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