Kelly Besd Tackles Inequality With Call To Action & Open Arms in Hard-Hitting Track, “Dreamin’”

As we look ahead to 2022 and the tumultuous journey the world is embarking on for the nth time in history, it’s words of encouragement from activists, free thinkers, and musicians like Canadian singer/songwriter Kelly Besd, and her new single “Dreamin’,” that remind us to keep pushing forward.

Fresh from her newly released debut album, Back To Me, “Dreamin’” is a poignant and hard-hitting track shining the spotlight on racial injustice and discrimination.  Harnessing the use of slow drums and her signature R&B vocal structures, Besd creates a warm, open, and ethereal listening experience for audiences while highlighting the need for change.

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On the track, Besd teamed up with artists Jackie Art and K-Riz to offer their reflections and words of hope throughout the song: ‘Who standin for the cause? I’ll stand and give it my all’; ‘This love is seeking you, I hope it reaches you.’

While “Dreamin’” possesses a relatively optimistic overtone — ‘I’m dreamin of something I believe in, I’m dreamin’ that on each other we are leanin’ — the trio keeps their feet in the grass by reaching out as a call to action towards the listener.

‘No more lyin’, no more actin like we’re tryin’, we’re reachin’ out with open arms…’

A noteworthy line rings out from Besd as an ally to those facing discrimination, as opposed to creating a story for herself to narrate: ‘This ain’t my pain, I don’t feel it the same. But I know in my heart we need change…’

“Dreamin’” and its lyrics are in part a reflection of the album, Back To Me, as a whole. Intricately layered throughout, each song covers pressing subject matter — from inequality, to acceptance and inclusivity, to lessons Besd has learned through navigating life’s ups and downs.

Released in December 2021, the album features hard-hitting drum grooves and heartfelt slow jams, and has been streamed upwards of 75,000+ times. Its previously unveiled single, “Our Love,” was featured on CTV Calgary’s News at Noon, and saw a collaboration of over 20 Canadian artists and fostered a widespread community focus.

For its part, Back To Me’s “Tuff Times (ft. Jackie Art)” saw Besd work with producer Eddie Kramer (The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix); helping to reimagine Goddo’s 1978 iconic hit, the song was executive produced by Goddo’s Greg Godovitz himself, and mastered by multi-GRAMMY Award-winning engineer John Greenham (Billie Eillish).

Produced by ChefBeatz, Back To Me serves as an homage to music as a creative form of therapy. “This album airs out significant personal experiences in a vulnerable way,” she shares. “From navigating tumultuous family dynamics, to finding solace and community through music, to entertaining romance.”

Favoring moody bassy sounds influenced by R&B and rock, and blending pop into her signature sound wherever she sees fit, the multi-talented Kelly Besd creates international influence through catchy melodies, infectious hooks, and a diverse network of collaborators.

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