the dt’s Speak From the Heart with Release of New Rock Single, “Need You (Forever)”

Submitted by Cashbox Canada 

the dt’s speak unabashedly from the heart on this, the release of their third single, “Need You (Forever)” — check it out on YouTube here:

The duo from Springfield, NJ were brought together by a chance open-mic night and their shared passion for songwriting, performing, and love of harmonies. Fresh out of prior musical outfits, the dt’s — David Cacciatore and Tom Losito — dove head-first into creating; both multi-instrumentalists with influences from jazz, rock, modern and power pop, they formally began releasing music together this year, and their dedication to their craft, plus innate desire to experiment with sound, provides a shiny forecast to a bright future together in the music community.

On “Need You (Forever)”, the dt’s examined all facets of songwriting to juxtapose the music to match the lyrics — and the life experiences to carry the passion behind the delivery. “We recorded ‘Need You (Forever)’ in our home-studio during lockdown where we really took the time to dive deep into understanding the recording process,” Tom says. “Dave wrote the song while in college; he first came up with the riff, and later added lyrics. It naturally came together, infusing elements with some of his most beloved bands like The Beatles and Oasis.” The track opens over an acoustic riff before it slowly creeps to a full band experience with lush layered harmonies, pleading calls of need and exciting dips and valleys, and charismatic crescendos before fading to calm.

“The song started just on two acoustic guitars,” the dt’s reveal. “From there, we added layers of electric guitars through our vintage Fender, Peavey, Vox amps. We utilized Dave’s Gibson Les Paul Custom SG and Tom’s dad’s 74’ Fender Strat heavily.

“We also experimented with vocal layering harmonies, which were tedious but rewarding.”

The lyrics, they say, are a recall on memories from a variety of facets of Dave’s life — from life experiences, to events, relationships, school and even work. “When Dave brought the song to Tom, they both agreed that it was a song that should be recorded along with the other singles,” Tom explains.

“Tom then added bass and scratch drums, which we then sent to our good friend Frank Letteri of The Paper Jets & Dust Of Days to record drums on a full batch of our songs in his home studio setup,” Dave continues. “We then decided to work with our friend Joe Pomarico over at Telegraph Hill Records for mixing and mastering.”

“Need You (Forever)” is a whimsical journey on where life is headed, and where we want it to arrive. It’s as much a call and answer as it is a self-reflection on needs and wants. And it’s wrapped neatly in a production bow that renders the song an instant classic, and movie soundtrack-worthy. The kind that makes up the peak of the mixed tape… The kind that you play in the boombox high above your head…

The kind that lets them know you need them…Forever.

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