Cashbox Canada Top 50 Picks for 2021

Submitted by Sandy Graham

It was not an easy task to list the Top 50 songs that came into the Cashbox office in 2021, and I am sure we missed some of the ones that deserve to be on this list.

Our list is compiled by content; songs that were relevant and moving about our current times with the pandemic, racism, the sad discovery of unmarked graves of Residential School Indigneous children, love and hope and great songs both lyrically and musically. 

It was also based on statistic numbers of requests on Cashbox Radio and social media posts about these songs and artists.

The Top 50 Pick Hits is not a chart and the positions are based on alphabetical listings.

Please visit online at to request your favourite songs.

Tune in Friday January 7 @ 9PM EST to hear all these artists on a special feature show. 

Cashbox Canada Top 50 Picks for 2021

(in alphabetical order)

  • Alex Goupil – I Swear
  • Astrid Tanton – Love You
  • AXLAUSTADE – oui no na
  • Cameron and Crawford – I Want a Song
  • Chris Nine – Ghosts
  • Chris Ronald  – City Girl  
  • Christina Martin – Stay With Me
  • Christopher Ward – Black Velvet
  • Colin James – Down On The Bottom
  • Crack of Dawn – Gotta Find a Way
  • Dan Hill – On The Other Side of Here
  • Don Graham – Como Te Amo
  • Douglas Von Irvin’s Carnival – Punk Rock Heart
  • Eclecticus – Took Me for Granted
  • Francine Honey – Lightning
  • Fresh Breath – World Gone Crazy
  • Glen Foster – Friends Like That
  • Hayley Wallis – Coffee Cup
  • Hot Mondy – Vampire
  • HuDost – Beat The Drum Harder
  • James Gordon – The Great Divide
  • Jarvis Church –  Just The Two Of Us 
  • Jaye Marsh – Calling
  • Jeff Gunn – Spiritus Momentous (Never Give Up Opus 2)
  • Jesse Cook – Libre
  • JukeBox County – Words
  • K Besd – Our Love
  • Kele Fleming – Sturgeon Love
  • Laszlo Jones – Save My Soul
  • Laurie Leblanc – All In
  • Leanne Pearson – Caturday
  • Liona Boyd – Popcorn
  • Lisa Richard – Together
  • Marshall Potts – The Storm
  • Micah Barnes – The End of A Love Affair
  • Michelle Creber – Like It Never Happened
  • Michelle Titian – Drive
  • Murray McLauchlan – I Live On A White Cloud
  • Murry Robe – One Kilometre Away
  • Myles Goodwyn – Will The Last Voice I Hear Be An Angel?
  • Over The Moon – Lonesome Bluebird
  • Paul Saunders – Courage
  • Red Dirt Skinners – Your Butterfly
  • Sean McCann – 10,0000 Miles Away
  • Sonia Aimy – Life Nah Jeje
  • Steven Heighton – New Year Song
  • Sue Foley – Pinky’s Blues
  • Sultans Of String – Mi Santuario
  • Tom Jackson – Lost Souls
  • Tommy John Ehman – Road Band 101

Editor’s Note: There are so many wonderful artists in Canada to check out so this is just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to talent in this country. Now more than ever artist need your support so go look for them on Spotify, Bandcamp, Google, Social Media, Amazon and whatever platform you can find them. Where would we all be without music in our lives?