Coquitlam, BC Singer-Songwriter Steve Jensen Sings About a Simpler, Merrier “Xmas Time With You”

With this holiday season needing no shortage of smiles for everyone, Canadian singer-songwriter Steve Jensen is here to deliver with his cheerful, grin-worthy new single, “Xmas Time With You”. 

Watch the nostalgic and lovely video here:

“It’s Christmas time! Whaddya know?” is the question that kicks off this merry and bright track as Jensen reminisces about Christmases past — wishing “you were here with me” with a bit of bitter sweetness in his warm, welcoming vocal, along the way.

Add in the jingle-jangle of guitars, a pinch of piano, and a lively shuffle, and you certainly have a Santa-approved aural treat for the holiday season.

“When I thought up this song, I had a thought of my brother Ken and I growing up in South Burnaby and how a happy and simpler time it was then,” Jensen recalls.

It’s Xmas time. Whaddya know?
Look outside, covered in snow
Kids are away. They have grown.
Time has flown. They’re on their own.
But, all I want is you here with me and to wish you a Merry Christmas

“Xmas Time With You” is the latest entry in a wide and varied songwriting catalog by this well-known and seasoned Coquitlam, B.C.-based artist. The song lands on the heels of 2021’s single, “Skytrain Babe,” as well as Jensen’s second full-length album, Gimme the Goods, and his first self-titled effort, Steve Jensen — which was mastered at none other than Abbey Road Studios in London.

To that end, The Beatles are certainly a big influence for Jensen, and a wide range of Canadian music contemporaries lauded his debut such as Prism’s Al Harlow (“Great songs and wonderful lyrics. I have it in my car!’), Klaatu founder Terry Draper (‘“Walking Back Home’ is very nice with great vocals, catchy melodies!”), Ron Sexsmith (”I really like ‘Finally Over’ and ‘Really Nice Person’!”) and Frank Soda (“Your Beatle influence in the songs and production suits your writing and your voice..Well done!”).

Like a set of joyful jingle bells, those ringing endorsements continue to fuel Jensen’s songwriting and recording creativity today — ”Xmas Time With You” being no exception.

“I felt listening, I was fully taken into Christmas day opening presents and sitting around the dinner table with friends and family, and all the specialness that comes with it,” Ron Scott, former Vice President of Marketing at Capitol Records – EMI Music of Canada, says of the song. “This is a song the world needs to hear right now!”

Happy and simple times are definitely what we crave this holiday season and Steve Jensen’s latest musical gift, “Xmas Time With You”, should definitely be on everyone’s musical menu.

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