Hamilton, ON’s Michelle Titian Brings Raw Beauty to Exploration of Addiction in “Drive”

Addiction can be such a devastating, destructive force in a person’s life, and their loved ones, as well. It’s with that in mind that Canadian singer-songwriter Michelle Titian soars with a beautiful, radical, coming-clean sense of honesty coming to terms with such destruction in this, her new single “Drive (radio edit)”.

“It takes a village to spread the word and help others struggling with addiction,” Titian shares. “This song has been a tremendous part of my healing, and my wish is that it inspires hope in anyone who is struggling, or simply needing a friend on the toughest of days.”

Working with Canadian producer Les Cooper (Jill Barber, The Good Lovelies ), “Drive (radio edit)” is an immersive example of Titian’s intrinsic songwriting that allows her to effortlessly arrange melodies and harmonies that tap into human emotions and share artful lyrics that speak to the soul.

With stirring, soaring vocals, lyrics full of hard-earned insight and clarity, and featuring elegant piano, strings, and deft guitar, “Drive (radio edit)” is the appropriately-titled ballad to play in your car when you’re in the mood for a good long think, or a cathartic cry.

Watch “Drive” (radio edit) here: https://youtu.be/MV88ZjnCHUc

Took me so long
to be honest with myself
my delusion, my perception,
my soul
came to believe a power
greater than all
addiction does not own me anymore

Paired with the simultaneous hope of making amends to a person she loves, putting the devastation in her rearview is the narrator’s stated goal: ‘Drive me away from it all/So we can be together/Once more.’ In the final verse, she humbly begs for forgiveness, and there’s the sense that she’s addressing both her lover and the higher power mentioned earlier in the song.

Newly signed to Roar Records, Michelle Titian is a singer-songwriter who brings raw emotion to her music — “Drive (radio edit)” being no exception. Her songs are an open and unashamed exposure of her battle with addiction and depression, her journey to recovery, and the love she feels for her life now; each recording serves as a testament to the strength that can manifest through vulnerability, and the wonderful connections that can be built through an honest soul.

“Every so often a talent comes along that speaks to our souls,” media icon Debbie Travis says of Titian. “Their stories inspire us to turn the page and start a new chapter. Michelle Titian is such an artist. Her music is heartwarming and exhilarating.”

In addition to creating inspiring music, Titian created The Drive Foundation, a charitable organization to inspire hope and ignite dreams for those who are afflicted by mental health and addiction.

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