Cashbox Radio Christmas & Holiday Pick Hits December 2021

Submitted by Sandy Graham 

With the holidays fast approaching, radio will soon be on high rotation of the usual Christmas hits and the nostalgic classics.

Cashbox Radio has been receiving some great new Christmas tunes and I would like to share the first Top 10 songs that are now being played on Cashbox Radio.

We would really love if you give these songs a boost by listening to Cashbox Radio, and heading to our Request link here:

Who knows? Maybe that future classic is right here on the first Top 10 – more to come next week!

Because at Cashbox Radio we believe someone has to play that future hit for the first time – and we want it to be us!

Christmas Grace – Barry Stagg

Ring Bells Loud and Clear – Paul Arow

The Christmas Song – Paul Saunders

Christmas in Vancouver – Glen Foster

Dear Santa…That’s Enuff – Michael Dickson

Intangible Things – Haley K Turner

My Christmas Wish – JENNA Nation

Home for Christmas – Madison Olds

Christmas Dreaming – Alexis Lynn

Christmas Don’t Be Late – Hannah Thomas

Editor’s Note: Please support the indie artists both during the Holiday Season and all year round. Live music has been hit the hardest during this pandemic and without music I know personally I would not have been able to get through these tough times. Share their music, purchase their music, enjoy their music.