The “Stars Align” for Ottawa’s Electro-Pop Duo Gold Bonds

The “Stars Align” for Canadian electro-pop duo Gold Bonds as they launch their new single and video.

Check out “Stars Align” here:

The song serves as a preview to their forthcoming album, Growing Pains — due out Spring 2022.

‘”Stars Align’ is a reflection on waking from lost time and lost ground in a rapidly changing world,” Gold Bond’s Matt Gilmour and David Gervais say. “The song refers to stars aligning as an affirmation of our lucidity, and our ability to make dreams come true.”

Composed, recorded, and produced by Gold Bonds during the COVID-19 pandemic, “Stars Align” serves as a breakaway from the overwhelming isolation many artists, musicians and songwriters felt while forced to stay home, and unable to share the stage.

The song represents finding togetherness after being apart, the band says, adding that they composed the song using their love and adoration for a variety of vintage and virtual instruments and production techniques.

For fans of whimsical, magical instrumentations, Gold Bonds reveal they incorporated wurlitzers and rhodes electric pianos played in real time and reverse, paired with echoing synths. Electric guitars and percussion churn beneath Gilmour’s inviting vox. The result is a delicate mashup of modern popular music as we know it, scored like an 80s banger.  

The song’s subsequent music video floats like a dream: Two asteroids strike an unassuming industrial town and inspire unearthly entities to possess two inhabitants. Ultimately, the pair are sent off to find one another, consequences unknown.

“The concept for the music video was written, filmed, and directed by Stefan MacDonald Labelle of Terminal Burrower Films in Hamilton, Ontario,” Gold Bonds explains. “Stefan created an eerie science-fiction visual imagining of the song that is also a metaphor for the historic COVID-19 pandemic, and its grave implications for connecting with others amidst the impending decay of society as we know it.”

Landing ahead of their upcoming release, Growing Pains, the newly released song falls neatly between Empire of the Sun and the Arcade Fire; an indie bop hanging on the fringe of lo-fi electronica, it carves out a place in its own category of sound.

Beyond breaking genre barriers, for Gilmour and Gervais, the song also exudes their two decades in the industry, and serves as a testament to their shared investment in songwriting, as well as their cherished friendship.

As longtime friends and pop collaborators, the two’s earliest recordings go back to 2013. From the beginning, the pair have spent the better part of their music tenure experimenting with sounds, synths, lyrics, and songwriting. Both multi-instrumentalists, their shared intuitive talents beckon you to the dancefloor, coerce you to groove, and slide into your earbuds and nest there till you press play all over again.

The stars have aligned for Gold Bonds, and their shared journey of music becomes ours to discover.

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