Vancouver’s Indie-Pop Artist JP Maurice Prevails With Impossible Optimism In “Unstoppable”

After years of an uphill battle with today’s music industry and its perception of pop music, Canadian artist JP Maurice is finally behind the wheel of this indie-pop train, and there is no stopping it; especially not after JP Maurice’s newest single, “Unstoppable”.

Check out “Unstoppable” here on YouTube:

In a world of cookie cutter copy-paste formulas, JP Maurice breaks that mold with his riveting and fluid compositions that redefine bubblegum-pop: “Unstoppable” features poppy synths, emotional background cello, and, most importantly, catchy and captivating lyrics. JP Maurice paints a picture that is unmistakably deeply rooted in personal trials and tribulations that hide behind the mask of pop lyricism.

“Big change is coming” was what JP Maurice promised when he broke free and embarked on a self-directed path. Defining himself as an independent pop musician meant he was behind the wheel of his own destiny — as well as his creative entity. Listening to JP Maurice’s previous album, Boys, as well as his newest single, “Unstoppable”, makes this painfully obvious.

Following the release of his 2018 album Boys, the Vancouver-based multi-talented artist found himself immersed in his current album, Pressure Makes Diamonds — available now. Working alongside music industry veteran Ted Gowans, the newly minted 10-track LP is one of JP Maurice’s most personal endeavors to date.

“Its sounds like a premonition, but no one could have imagined what was coming in the year 2020…” he reflects. “But through it all, I have forged ahead with an album that is impossibly optimistic.”

With the situation we all face globally, shifting from day to day, it’s the rosy and bright moments that “Unstoppable” and JP Maurice provide that push people through their day to day. This impossible optimism is what has pushed so many through hardship, and it doesn’t seem like it will stop anytime soon, especially not for JP Maurice.

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