Carroll Love Finds Humour in His New Breakup Song “More Than 90 Proof”

There’s something about a bad breakup that can make you want to anesthetize yourself into temporary oblivion, and country singer/songwriter Carroll Love’s new single, “More Than 90 Proof” — available now — handles that urge with honesty and humour. 

 A pop-country jam with energetic electric guitars and head-bopping beats, Love sings about putting a woman on a pedestal only for her to leave him for another dude. And now he doesn’t need to whoop it up at a Friday-night bonfire or to tailgate with his friends; he needs blissful silence and that good ol’ “More Than 90 Proof.”

Watch the video for “More Than 90 Proof” on YouTube here:

“I knew I wanted to make a song that hits hard and cuts deep, but is also enjoyable,” Love says. And we all know that place: when things are dark, but we can still laugh about it — albeit bitterly. 

Carroll Love was born in Georgia, and grew up in Florida. His parents divorced when he was very young, affecting him deeply, and he grew up singing in a little country church, where his grandfather was the preacher. 

Love grew up listening to everything from the country-music radio station to Elvis to Bon Jovi to Nickelback, and eventually began writing songs of his own — filling up spiral notebooks with lyrics. He forgot about writing for a while, he shares, and then, while working in a steel yard a couple years ago, started filling up notebooks again. 

Turning his cherished pastime into something more, Caroll Love recorded and released his first selection of singles over the past year — “George Strait,” “Hope,” and “More Than 90 Proof”. 

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