Popster Nano Talrose is “falling deeper” with Release of New Single & Video

It might be Nano Talrose “falling deeper,” but it’s you, the listener, drowning in the delicate beauty of the emotive indie artist’s latest single and video.

“falling deeper” channels leaning into love; finding it, holding it and allowing oneself to lose the ability to swim in an ocean of passion, fire, and desire. The song breaks out over a pulsing electric riff, before branching off into an electronica, low-fi vibe, and dreamily mashed with the intricacy of Talrose’s exquisite vox.

Check out “falling deeper” on YouTube here:  https://youtu.be/pcaD1q9s8hk

“The song is very different from all the other songs I’ve made so far, which are usually slower with more heartfelt lyrics and emotion,” Talrose recalls. “‘falling deeper’ has more of a grunge-pop or alt-pop vibe, and I am looking forward to showing people a different side of me as an artist.”

Having dropped his debut single, “Stay Quiet” in August of 2019, Talrose is on a quest to penning emotion-filled experiences that line the everyday walls of his songwriting. “I started writing it when I first met someone,” he shares. “I was falling for them, and didn’t want to move too quickly. I tried playing it cool, but still told them how I felt.

“I ended up showing them the song and they loved it, and said I really should take it to the studio. So I did.”

There, it was sound engineer/producer Damian Birdsey (Birdcage Studios) where things came together. “Everything fell into place perfectly as we were creating,” Talrose says, adding, “It was honestly such a smooth process working on the production.”

Shot by videographer and editor Hamza Qureshi, the adjoining video for “falling deeper” landed on the first birthday of Talrose’s nephew. “The ‘1’ candle on the birthday cake in the video is actually a tribute to my nephew. He always puts his hands in the air and bounces when I play ‘falling deeper’ at home.”

He adds, “I’m excited for the world to hear (‘falling deeper’) and bounce along, too! In terms of the video, I wanted to show a different side of me regarding attitude, clothing style and the overall vibe.”

Previous videos by Talrose are ethereal in nature, featuring all-white clothing ensembles and light tones. “Instead of wearing all white like I did in my previous music video, I switched to an all-black outfit with ripped jeans, chains, leather jacket and black Doc Martens,” Talrose says. “We took a very laid-back approach when planning the video and had originally planned on winging it and working with what we had the location when we got there. But we went to a store before the shoot and bought some items that inspired me to buy a bunch of black props.”

Styled by Sebastian Baquero, those props would become the backdrop for a depressing birthday party-type vibe, including black party hats and a black cake. The video works like a mash-up of “Mad World” meets “Mad Hatter”, and all things together become a unique visual representation of Talrose’s artistic vision and ability to make the listener not only hear, but also think.

For this whimsical, intriguing, and genre-bending artist, “falling deeper” becomes an invitation to dive into the deep end of your emotive self. While you get lost in the rhythm, Nano Talrose captivates you with his lyrics that call out to the inside of your soul. And that is when you’ll be hoping there’s still deeper to fall.

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