Winterland is Coming!

Submitted by Malin Osth and Jonas Tancred

Knock! Knock!

When we first met the creative engine behind Winterland, Fredrik Nilsson, he was this warm, goodhearted music store owner in our town in the south of Sweden. Always ready to assist and promote the local musicians coming to his store. Always ready to make a deal, to help struggling artists making a great bargain. Displaying their records, CDs and posters. And, always ready to crack a bad joke!

He was already at that time known for his musicality; as an awesome blues guitarist.
The whole town mourned the day the store had to close down. But out of the ashes rose something bigger, stronger… a songwriter of rank. Winterland had been born. 

This rock solo project approaches music with a down-to-earth perspective, drawing inspiration from 70’s yacht rock bands like Fleetwood Mac and artists like Van Morrison, and Hall and Oates. For Fredrik, music has become a therapeutic experience.

With his lifelong passion for music, Fredrik perfected his skills through collaborations with various bands, cultivating a mature sound that permeated his parallel project, the band Waterhill.

Winterland’s sound has evolved over the years, preserving its essence and authenticity through Fredrik’s spontaneous and intuitive creative process. His compositions are rich with emotion and depth, inviting listeners on a journey of self-reflection.

His music transports listeners to a world of imagery, evoking nostalgia and capturing the essence of classic rock. A sound that resonates with those who appreciate the authentic and the timeless.

Yes, he is still this warm and goodhearted man, and musician. And, we still love his bad jokes!


Editor’s Note:  Record World International has spent the last few years forming a strong bond with Sweden and we have seen so many talented emerging artists that deserve some recognition. So we now have a column devoted to that called Knock! Knock! based on the song by Sweden’s Bara Jonson and Free. The artist reviews will be written and presented by Malin Osth and Jonas Tancred of BjF, carefully chosen by their expert musical ears and featured here, proving as always that music has no borders.