Singer-Songwriter Gerry Jack Macks Takes Listeners on a Gritty Musical Journey with ‘Too Many Times Down That Road’

Singer-songwriter Gerry Jack Macks is back with a brand-new single that promises to take listeners on a bumpy journey down the rough road ahead. The release of his new single “Too Many Times Down That Road” showcases Macks’s unique musical style, which defies genre boundaries and features an impressive collaboration with two-time JUNO Award winner Al Lerman and talented young drummer Sara Varro. Check it out on YouTube here:

 Macks’s latest single was born out of a chance encounter over a cup of coffee with his friend Al Lomas. The longtime trucker had just navigated a treacherous backroad filled with potholes and ruts. Inspired by Lomas’ description of the rough journey, Macks penned the song’s lyrics right there in the diner, capturing the essence of a challenging path with a catchy tune.

“Too Many Times Down That Road” is set to be a high-energy, genre-blending track that continues Macks’s tradition of pushing musical boundaries. The single is part of Macks’s ongoing effort to create music that defies categorization and appeals to a wide range of music enthusiasts.

Listen on Spotify here:

Macks is not your typical artist. A multi-instrumentalist, he plays most of the instruments on his recordings, and his music effortlessly crosses the lines of various genres, including outlaw country, country rock, and southern rock. His work draws inspiration from rhythm and blues, pop, and Canadiana.

“I never really have any idea exactly what genre or genres a recording is when I release it,” Macks confesses. “The distributors force artists to choose from a strict list of genres before the artist can release recordings, and I always struggle with great angst when forced to pigeon-hole my music.”

Macks has a long and storied musical career that began in the early 1970s. With the support of legendary Edmonton musician Tommy Banks’ wife, Ida Banks, Macks quickly rose from a beginner on the music circuits of Alberta, BC, NWT, and the Yukon to a full-time music career.

Over the years, his music has evolved to encompass Jazz, Blues, Easy Listening, Country, Folk, Pop, Rock, and more. Macks’s upcoming projects include the highly anticipated Sleepy Time Sessions album, inspired by the likes of Louis Armstrong, Peggy Lee, and Nat King Cole, as well as several other roots-based albums.

“I have always had deep appreciation for the people who follow my music, and I take every opportunity to remain in personal contact with them,” says Macks.

Be prepared to join Macks on the rough road ahead as he continues to captivate audiences with his unique musical journey.