Music in Motion Canada Announces New Music Awards

Submitted by Sandy Graham

Calling all eager musicians and singer/songwriters who want to achieve their goals! Music in Motion Canada in collaboration with EMG Collectives is proud to host a MiMc Awards. This competition gives undiscovered indie talent a chance to gain connections and exposure to music industry experts and opportunities.

Everyone who enters will be adjudicated by a panel of professionals in the music industry and gain valuable feedback, and receive a certificate of participation. The adjudicators will feature these experts in the industry: a music director, a music producer, and a music publicist. 

Awards and prizes are given to individuals who exceed in their originality, skill, and distinction. Prizes include branding, media marketing, mentoring sessions, and promotion and distribution. 

Participants will get a chance to win prizes worth over $25,000 (not redeemable for cash). These prizes are designed to support and uplift indie musicians on their road to recognition.

To enter the MiMc Music Awards, simply visit the Music in Motion Canada website and fill out the form to be notified when registration opens.

To stay updated and for more information, we invite you to visit and bookmark our MiMc Music Awards page. 

Take the next step in your musical career today! 

About Music in Motion Canada:

Music in Motion Canada is a digital community for people of all ages who have a common love for music. They bring together musicians, teachers, adjudicators, and other music industry professionals to build mutually beneficial relationships. Through its online directory, educational resources, and events, Music in Motion Canada provides valuable guidance, opportunities, and resources to help musicians navigate the music industry and achieve their dreams.

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