Singer-Songwriter and Activist Danny Lamb Is On A Mission To Make The World A Better Place In “Unique 2 Yourself”

Niagara Falls, ON’s singer-songwriter and activist Danny Lamb is on a mission to make the world a better place for all. His latest effort is an anthemic blast of pure positivity called “Unique 2 Yourself.” It’s a reminder to follow your heart, to stay true to yourself, and to be patient with the process that it takes to discover your true, best self. Check it out on YouTube here:

 Growing up amongst the vineyards and wineries of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Lamb couldn’t help but be inspired by the lengthy journey it takes, from farm to table, for a wine to fully develop to its fullest potential.

“Cuz like wine gets better with age,” Lamb sings, “can’t be rushed, so stay inspired, in time, the world gets lighter, don’t lose your love in the face of a pressure, to be like everyone else.”

“Unique 2 Yourself” was written by Danny and produced, mixed and mastered by Toronto-based guitarist Tal Vaisman. It’s a big-sounding, inspirational message to believe in yourself, pursue your dreams and fall in love with the process of getting there.

Listen on Spotify here:

 “From the day that we’re born, the world tells us who to be,” Lamb says. “It can be tough, especially as you get older, to hold onto the childlike wonder, optimism, and some of the shameless idealism that lives inside of having big dreams, goals and ambitions.”

Danny Lamb is, himself, a shameless idealist.

Born with a spinal cord condition known as Spina Bifida Occulta, and diagnosed with a Brain condition, known as Hydrocephalus, at 3 years old, he is no stranger to overcoming obstacles in life, and credits the positive influence of his family for showing him that he didn’t need to be defined by that part of his story.

When he was about 18-years-old Lamb became an ambassador for Hydrocephalus Canada. While attending a global conference in Sweden he developed the idea for a project called A Song, A City. That project took him from Dublin, Ireland to Peterborough, England, then on to Glasgow and Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Brussels and finally, Izmir, Turkey, writing a song in each of the seven locations.

Since then, he has continued his advocacy work for spina bifida and hydrocephalus associations, hosting the PUSH (People United for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus) podcast as well as two PUSH worldwide livestreams.

Through PUSH and at his home studio in Niagara Falls, Canada, he works with musicians both young and old from around the world, encouraging them to find their own unique creativity.

And A Song, A City continues to work alongside people around the world, using the power of music, and a song, to tell a story, build confidence, communicate a message, and amplify voices through the power of music, and art.

Taking his influences from the likes of Imagine Dragons, Coldplay and U2, his own music with his loose collective is big-sounding, joyful and optimistic. Lamb truly believes in the power of music to create change, and to bring out the best in people’s lives, in their community, and in the world.

As he sings in “Unique 2 Yourself” – “Just believe you’re enough/And don’t ever stop/Seeing a world full of possibilities.”