Toronto Musician & Producer Chris Birkett Receives Community Recognition Award

Submitted by Sandy Graham

Earlier this month, Chris  Birkett received MPP Chris Glover’s Community Recognition Award. Birkett is a multiple award-winning singer, songwriter, and producer who has worked with such A- list artists as Sinead O’Connor, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Talking Heads, Quincy Jones, and Steve Earle.

He was nominated in recognition of his song “Everyone Deserves a Home”, which shines a light on the growing homelessness crisis in Toronto.

Check out “Everyone Deserves a Home” on YouTube:

 “As someone who experienced homelessness in my youth,” says Mr. Birkett. “I believe that the millions of dollars certain billionaires spend on frivolities such as vacations in space could go a long way to supporting social programs that provide safe and secure housing. Giving a homeless person a place to live helps them to become an active, contributing member of society.”

Listen on Spotify here:

“It breaks my heart to see so many people suffering without a home,” says Birkett. “We hope the song and the awards ceremony inspire people to encourage politicians to solve this crisis and help create more thriving communities.”