Beatcave to Host 6th Annual All-Inclusive Educational and Creative Songwriting CAMP 

For the sixth year in a row, Beatcave will be hosting CAMP (Creatives Arranging Musical Projects), a two-day all-inclusive educational and creative songwriting camp. On March 4th and 5th, CAMP will include workshops, music creation, networking, and other opportunities for creatives to be wildly productive and have tons of fun.

Held inside Lynx Music in Toronto from 10am to 8pm each day, songwriters, artists, producers, engineers, instrumentalists, and other creatives are welcome to join this getaway in the middle of the city to jumpstart the creative process and foster collaboration with other creatives. It’s a multi-genre writing camp – previous tapes have included Hip Hop, R&B, Soul, Pop, Dancehall, and Reggae.

So, yes, that means, as a part of the learning process, CAMP will result in collaborative recordings made during the weekend! Producers will have two hours (one-day pass) or four hours (two-day pass) to control the beats in the room. Artists will be recorded by engineers, and demos will be made for upcoming releases. More information on the entire recording process is available on Spotify:

 CAMP participants can purchase a one-day pass for $125, or a two-day pass for $250. Beatcave members (free to sign up + cancel any time) will have access to CAMP for 20 percent off.

CAMP is an event for producers, artists, and engineers to work collaboratively on a tape. Each CAMP is a little different, but one thing always remains the same: fantastic music is made and strong networks are built. CAMP’s latest tape can be listened to here.

Based in Toronto, Beatcave is an interactive learning experience for producers, engineers, and artists. Beatcave hosts workshops and facilitates conversation by bringing together sound designers, expert engineers, music managers, multiplatinum producers, and other industry moguls. Beatcave strives to provide individuals with enough information and resources to grow and thrive within the music industry.

Completely self-funded since its inception in July 2019, Beatcave has been able to host more than 2,000 community members across 25+ events. Beatcave started with the vision of bringing producers out of their bedrooms and into community. Initial events centered around beat deconstructions and critiques from industry professionals. What started for producers quickly turned into a community for engineers and artists as well. 

Over the last two years, Beatcave has been able to host notable music industry professionals including Ivan Evidente, Sean Leon, Pressa, 88Glam, Mauricio Ruiz, Haviah Mighty, Savannah Re, Gavin Sheppard, Hagler, My BestFriend Jacob, FrancisGotHeat, Eestbound, Jenius Level, Simon Servida, Cory Litwin, and more. Their community uses Beatcave as a resource to not only grow in their craft, but to network and build relationships, while gaining access to mentors.