Legendary Music Icon Jeff Bova Inducted into the Legends of Vinyl Hall of Fame

Submitted by Don Graham

Jeff Bova may not be a household name but his body of work and the list of the iconic artists he has produced and worked with is known in most households that have radios, televisions or computer, phones and all streaming services.

Bova is a Grammy Award-winning producer, arranger, and musician with hundreds of platinum and gold records to his name. He won his Grammy for Album of the Year as the producer on Celine Dion’s, “Falling Into You” and during a career spanning over 40 years, he toured as a member of Herbie Hancock’s Rockit Band and has contributed to hundreds of recordings by significant mainstream artists, including Katy Perry, Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, Luther Vandross, Tina Turner, Eric Clapton, Robert Palmer, Billy Joel, Bee Gees, Backstreet Boys, Cher, Meat Loaf, Cyndi Lauper, Iron Maiden and many more.

And now Jeff can add another industry honor to his repertoire, The Legends of Vinyl DJ/Artists Hall of Fame in New York, whose mission is to recognize the accomplishments, past and present of their peers.  It is to celebrate our history and to create and sustain our legacy for generations to come. Above all, they support and encourage each other in all of our endeavors.

Jeff was inducted into Hall as a member of the band Change, which was initially formed in early 1979 as a studio band with a revolving cast of musicians and original lead singer Luther Vandross. Jeff joined the band with Deborah Cooper, Crab Robinson and Rick Brennan on lead vocals with Jeff handling the keyboard duties. The band was hugely popular until the disco craze waned.

Jeff has appeared on over 300 Gold and Multi-Platinum Selling albums Jeff continues to produce, arrange and collaborate with new and exciting young artists. Inspired by his role in the ever-changing music business, he looks forward to more opportunities for creativity and collaboration.

Kudos Jeff – well deserved!

For more on Bova’s amazing career visit: https://bovaland.com/